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Alpha Force Affiliates Program

  • Are you driven and motivated in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle? 
  • Do you like to share your fitness sessions, training programs and offer fitness related advice on Social Media?
  • Are you looking to become part of the fastest-growing supplement comany? 

What is it?

Alpha Force Nutrition is providing an Affiliate Program that lets you earn a percentage commission on the people you refer onto our website and place an order with us. You can earn between 10-15% on all purchases made by your referrals via a unique link that was created just for you which can be either shared or embedded into a banner. 

The perfect thing is that all you need to do is encourage people to visit via your unique link, place an order with us and just watch your commission grow!

How does it work?

When a customer clicks on your unique link, a certain tracking cookie is embedded within their computer for up to 7 days.  When the same visitor successfully places an order with us within the time frame, the cookie notifies our systems and processes a commission within your account. Since the cookie is active for 7 days, it means that the customer does not have to place an order in the same visit and in fact can come back to the website and the cookie will still be embedded and still be processed as your referral. 

How is the Affiliate Account Managed?

If you have successfully been enrolled to be an Alpha Force Nutrition Affiliate, all the information that you require can be easily accessed via Refersion. Refersion provides access to a Dashboard that states the amount of customers that you have referred and the amount of commission that you have earned. Refersion deals with ALL commission payouts and all the paperwork related to your Affiliate Account. 

How often will I be paid? 

Commissions are paid on the 15th of every month. If the date falls within the weekend, you will be paid on Friday before. 

What do you need to become an Affiliate?

We are looking for individuals with the traits listed below:

- Enthusiastic and motivated to grow as a person in terms of fitness and a healthy lifestyle

- Encourage others to achieve the utmost best 

- Have an Alpha Force Nutrition account 

- Have a very active Social Media presence

- The will to grow and support the growth of Alpha Force Nutrition

If this is something that interests you and want to join the team then complete the form below.